• Thula in Turnstyle News

    Thula in Turnstyle News

    It takes a lot for filmmakers to stand out in Los Angeles. After all, there's a whole lot of talent and desire bubbling all over the basin.

    There are an infinite number of paths to making it. Any one could be a dead end. Every one could be the golden ticket. The only mistake is to not try the biggest, boldest thing you can think of.

    What the makers of "Thula," a short film that is having its LA premiere this week, thought of was to fly all the the way to South Africa to shoot a very personal-scale story.

    I recently sat down with the filmmaking team of Jahmela BiggsCaitlin Talbot and James Bland to talk about how they pulled together an international shoot on the back of a crowdfunding campaign. We started with the choice to go to South Africa in the first place.

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